Top three features of DutchCraft’s electric DC25 tender

This article originally appeared in the February 2020 issue, Superyacht times

DutchCraft’s new DC25 fully-electric tender made its official debut at Boot Düsseldorf 2020. The innovative tender is the second model to be developed by DutchCraft, a family-owned yacht builder based in the Netherlands and sister company to Zeelander Yachts, where all design and engineering work is carried out in-house.

Fully electric
Extensive research into combustion engines and fully-electric drivetrains has given DutchCraft a new approach to the design of a superyacht tender and lead them to create the fully-electric drivetrain. DutchCraft asserts that their technology for the DC25 is a step in the right direction for a future where ocean preservation is a priority. A limousine version of the DC25 is currently in development for those who require a practical and luxury guest shuttle.

Thanks to its modular deck design, DutchCraft’s DC25 is a true multi-purpose vessel, and can serve as a superyacht tender, dive boat, sport boat, toy carrier and family cruiser, groceries shuttle or fishing boat.

The tender’s low and compact drivetrain frees up a significant amount of deck space, which can accommodate various furnishings depending on the owner’s wishes, such as padded bench seating or custom dive racks. When the deck is cleared, the DC25 has room for a land vehicle or a pair of jet skis.

The vessel’s helm station also has a collapsible hardtop, allowing for the DC25 to be stored easily in a garage, and the tender has a number of seating options for its 12 guests, who can all board via the proprietary hinged bow door. In addition, when open, the vessel’s transom can serve as a swim platform, ideal for diving or sunbathing.

The full-electric drivetrain is both silent and powerful and comes complete with a maximum battery capacity of 134kWh, the DC25 can reach up to 32 knots, which allows for 75 minutes of cruising. Alternatively, the yacht can stay powered for up to six hours when cruising at six knots.

DutchCraft’s in-house design and engineering teams have also created a robust deep-V hull so effective that is able to cut through even the roughest waves.

This article originally appeared in the February 2020 issue, Superyacht times




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