DutchCraft 25 Tender, the Swiss (Fully Electric) Army Knife of Tenders

This article originally appeared in the January 2020 issue, Autoevolution

Multi-millionaires and billionaires with a conscience can now sail the seas with as little impact on the environment as possible, from the moment they leave solid ground to the one they dock at port.

There’s a new eco-friendly tender on the block and it promises to be the best at a lot of things. DutchCraft 25 (DC25, for short) is dead quiet, electric and doesn’t pollute, but it’s also efficient and high performance and, to boot, very versatile.

It’s a “tender with style as well as substance,” DutchCraft says about it, born from the need to deliver a fully sustainable, but robust and practical tender that doesn’t compromise on comfort, aesthetics or performance. DC25 stands out for its fully-electric drivetrain and for the fact that it comes with a modular design, which means it can easily – and quickly – adapt to the owner’s needs, whatever they might be at any given moment.

DC25 is designed and build in the Netherlands with a carbon fiber body. Its deck design is modular, which means it can fit a variety of purposes, whether they’re luggage or garbage transport, family cruises, sports boat, toy carrier or fishing expeditions. It can comfortably seat up to 12 passengers, but can also be used for goods transport only. It’s truly like a Swiss army knife of tenders, but electric.

DutchCraft ranks its functionality as follows: family cruiser, guest, crew and luggage shuttle, groceries and garbage shuttle, scuba diving platform, sports fishing boat, and toy carrier.

Fully electric tender DC25 is also very versatile thanks to a modular deck design
Measuring 26.3 feet in length, it features a V-shaped hull and one deck that’s entirely open, save for the helm station, which is covered by a removable hardtop. A tinted glass windshield and high sides protect the passengers or the goods from the elements. When the deck is cleared, DC25 can carry several motorbikes, a four-wheeler, a pair of jet skis or eight scuba diving sets.

For leisure trips, the transom opens to create a swim platform and the tender even includes a shower with fresh water tank. Because no one wants to go swimming at sea and then not be able to rinse off all that saltwater before going back on the yacht.

As mentioned above, the tender’s versatility is just one of the things that make it stand out. The other, just as important, is the fact that it’s noiseless and doesn’t pollute. DutchCraft considered various options for motorization, but ended up choosing the electric one.

“We believe electric propulsion will be key in a future that cares about ocean preservation,” DutchCraft marketing coordinator Floris Koopmans says. “We are committed to investing in this positive movement, and the technology that we have developed for the DC25 is a step in the right direction.”

According to the maker, maximum battery capacity is 134kWh, while continuous power is 100kWh. DC25 can cruise at top speeds of 32 knots for 75 minutes, “which is more than enough to deliver guests from a superyacht to the shore and back several times or even to go waterskiing.” At a more leisure cruising speed of 6 knots, it can sail for 6 whole hours on a single charge. This means it can work for day trips for re-supply or exploration.

The DC25 made its world debut at the 2020 Boot Düsseldorf (January 18-26), aka the world’s largest international indoor fair for water sports and boats. Also there, pricing was revealed as starting at $305,000, along with plans to produce a limousine version of the DC25, which would be just as green but more luxurious – so perhaps less practical. Who wants to shuttle the garbage in a luxury tender after all?

Jokes aside, the premiere of this electric tender confirms the growing trend among shipbuilders to deliver more vessels that use more eco-friendly propulsion and technology. The DC25 is the perfect green tender for your green superyacht.

This article originally appeared in the January 2020 issue, Autoevolution




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