DutchCraft 25: An extremely versatile electric boat

This article originally appeared in the January 2020 issue, The Marine News

The DC25 fits seamlessly into the portfolio of the Dutch DutchCraft shipyard and will have its first major appearance at boot Düsseldorf in January 2020.

The all-electric tender made of carbon fiber has a modular deck design that enables a quick and easy change between the possible uses as a submersible, fishing boat, toy transporter and also a family cruiser.

True to the DutchCraft philosophy of building practical and flexible boats with a user-friendly design, the DC25 has many similarities to its big sister, the DC56. The DC56, which is described as “the most powerful 56-foot yacht in the world”, attracted strong attention at its world premiere at the 2019 Cannes Yachting Festival and was nominated for the “European Power Boat of the Year 2020”.

“It has been a busy year for DutchCraft,” said Floris Koopmans, Sales & Marketing Manager at DutchCraft. “With the clear approach of giving owners the flexibility and fun they want from life on the water, as well as a robust and practical design, the DC25 is a natural addition to our range. There is no comparable boat in this size; moreover, its versatility is simply phenomenal. We have great expectations for the launch of the DC25 at and after its debut at boot Düsseldorf. ”

A versatile platform
From the beginning, DutchCraft’s aim was to design very versatile boats and yachts that meet the requirements of an owner who wants to enjoy the time on the water as flexibly as possible.

The key to the versatility of the DC25 is its low and compact powertrain, which also allows you to make the most of the space on deck. Behind the center console, furniture and fittings such as the upholstered bench seats or the tailor-made diving luggage rack can be quickly replaced. If the deck is cleared, there is enough space to transport a car or two jet skis.

The DC25 is also an excellent tender for super yachts because it can carry more toys and accessories than any other boat of its size. Additional padded benches also transform the DC25 into a comfortable guest shuttle with space for up to 12 passengers.

For owners who like diving, the DC25 offers a tailor-made transport module for up to eight diving sets, supplemented by a seat configuration in the back-to-back layout and storage space for two underwater scooters from Seabob. Meanwhile, the fresh water tank offers sufficient capacity for showering, rinsing and rinsing the equipment.

The high side walls of the DC25, which convey a strong feeling of security, provide additional comfort for guests on the water. The tailgate, on the other hand, can be lowered and easily converted into a bathing platform to ensure immediate water access. A sedan version of the DC25 is currently under development; which can be used even more ideally than the standard DC25 as a luxurious guest shuttle with additional protection from the elements.

Unique features
When designing the DC25, the designers at DutchCraft continued to attach great importance to comfort when getting in and out. Thanks to the compact rear-wheel drive and the specially developed, hinged front door, thanks to the shallow draft of the DC25 (40 cm with the engine trimmed), guests can walk directly to and from the beach without getting wet.

A highly innovative feature of the DC25 is the hardtop over the center console; which can pivot to the bow to reduce the height of the boat, which is crucial when storing in superyacht garages. At the same time, this function can provide a protected place on the foredeck while driving. If the hardtop is in the normal position – i.e. above the helm – the height of the DC25 is 3.33 meters, while with the hardtop lowered, it is reduced to just 1.97 meters.

Purely electric drive
The fully electric drive train of the DC25 works both quietly and powerfully and delivers up to 75 minutes of driving time at a speed of 32 knots. If you reduce the cruising speed to six knots, the DC25 manages a non-stop operation of six hours. The DutchCraft designers developed a deep-cut V-hull for the DC25, which is designed in such a way that it not only drives efficiently but also has excellent rough water behavior.

“At DutchCraft we believe that the electric drive is the drive of the future; for a generation of owners who care about the preservation of the oceans,” comments Floris Koopmans. “We are committed to investing in this development and the technology we have provided for the DC25 is a step in the right direction.”

Going beyond the clear sustainability requirements that come with a zero emissions system the guests – Koopmans says – also enjoy quiet trasfers with the DC25 without the usual roar of combustion engines.

Specification DC25
Length: 8.04 m
Length waterline: 7.30 m
Width: 2.38 m
Draft: max. 0.82 m
Maximum capacity: 12 person
Maximum speed: 32 knot
output : 100 kW Maximum output (20 s): 135 kW
battery (standard): 79 kWh
battery (option): 106 kWh or 127 kWh
fresh water: 42 l
Range: up to 6 hours @ 6 knot
Material: Carbon
Shipyard: DutchCraft
Exterior design: DutchCraft
Construction: DutchCraft
Sound / vibration control: DutchCraft

This article originally appeared in the January 2020 issue, The Marine News




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